IN THE WAKE OF A DEADAD: The Installation

In the Wake of a Deadad (The Installation) takes the form of 65 separate films showing the inflation of large inflatable effigies of Köttings’ Deadad and his Deadad’s Deadad (his Grandad) in various locations around the world.

Each location has a significance to his life his Deadad’s life or his Deadad’s Deadads’ life. Together they have travelled far and wide from the French Pyrenees to the Faroe Islands and from The Valley at Charlton Athletic football club to the cemeteries of Janitzio and the Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico. Each film represents a year of the Deadad’s life and will be running simultaneously on 65 monitors as ‘deconstructed documentary’.

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The film is a 64 minute single screen Beta Sp version of the 65 monitor installation described above and is distributed by the Lux

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It has played in:
Rotterdam International Film Festival
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
La Rochelle International Film Festival

Tank Tv are releasing OF AN ODE TO A DEADAD - separately. This 2 minute film was made in one take over a period of four hours, using a manual time-lapse facility on a Sony PD170 DV Camera. It was shot up in the Faroe Islands whilst looking down onto the small village of Tjornuvík. The voiceover is an ode to Kotting's dead father, which was written and recorded earlier in the morning in one of the small Faroese crofts that the camera looks down upon.

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